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Portrait photography in the news

Posted by Gittings Photography on Tue, Jun 19, 2012 @ 19:48 PM

It's not often that you see portrait photography making news. But last week one of the world's most revered female photographers would have celebrated her 197th birthday. Julia Margaret Cameron, born in 1815, was a gifted artist whose portraits are the only remaining record of many historical figures, some of whom include Charles Darwin, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Robert Browning. One online site notes that "during her career, Cameron registered each of her photographs with the copyright office and kept detailed records. Her shrewd business sense is one reason that so many of her works survive today." This photograph of Charles Darwin was taken by Cameron in 1868.

Charles Darwin by Julia Margaret Cameron resized 600

Other well-known female photographers include Margaret Bourke White, Susan Sontag, Dorothea Lange, Sally Mann and—of course—Annie Liebovitz.We'd like to add our own Jessica Giesey to the list. Jessica, who has been taking photographs since she was 15 years old, joined Gittings in 2011 and photographs attorneys onsite in firms throughout New York City and the northeast corridor. 

"I inherited some money from my grandfather, and went to the camera store on a whim," she recalls. "My neighbor was in photojournalism, so we built a darkroom together, and I ended up spending about 8 hours a day in the darkroom blasting music and developing the day's film.  I was always shooting, and if I wasn't I was in the darkroom.  It's mesmerizing the way a moment in time can be captured and magically appear on a piece of paper hours after you shot it."

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