Another No-Politics Evening: Things I Love

Posted by Barry Benton on Jan 25, 2009 8:48:00 AM

by: Bob Cavnar as posted on

I'm sitting here waiting for the President to give his first speech to a joint session of Congress watching the Stones in Austin during the Bigger Bang tour a couple of years ago on DVD. Rather than getting wound up in the angst of all the talking heads, I'm fooling with one of my guitars trying to follow along with Keef (almost impossible for those who know). He's got a technique that is more instinct that meter.

Anyway. Last Friday I did a post about Keef, his style, and guitars in general. One of my readers asked me what guitars I owned, and I promised a picture of some of my favorites. Today, I got an email from Gittings, one of the best portrait photographers in Houston, of a photo that they shot a few weeks ago for a Houston Grand Opera event. The event theme was "Things I Love," part of the run-up to HGO's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Opera Ball, on April 4.

My wife and Gittings actually set up the shot, and I was pleased with the result. In fact, very pleased. And it features the things that I love. Here it is:

Left to right, Charlie, Max, grandson Joseph, Gracie, Mimi, and ol' grey Jefe

In the background are some of my favorite guitars, most with some personal attachment or story, some old, some new, some more significant than others. I keep them out all the time and they are part of the family, haven taken on a life of their own. I'm holding one of my Keef guitars, a blond Fender Telecaster set up with five strings in G tuning. When I just want to fool around, it's the one I grab.

Thanks for indulging me. Back to arguing about politics tomorrow.